Courses Taught: 

SOC 101LEC: Introduction to Sociology

Course Description: 

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social life. In this course, we analyze how people influence and are influenced by other people and the social structures in which they live. We examine key concepts, theories, and ideas in sociology, including subfields such as culture, sex and gender, race and ethnicity, crime and deviance, and collective action and social movements.

SOC 211LEC: Sociology of Diversity

Course Description:

What does diversity mean, and who is it for? Focus will be placed on race, gender, sexuality, religion, intersectionality, and diversity in institutions as well as communities. We often hear about the importance of having diverse environments, the goal of this class is to make you rethink who that diversity is for and who it ultimately benefits.

SSC 213LEC: Social Research Methods

Course Description: 

Introduces procedures by which social scientists gather, analyze, and interpret information about the social world. Particularly emphasizes the use of campus-based resources for social service research.

Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Diversity, Sociology of City Life, Criminal Justice Systems, Gender & Crime, Criminology